Prodotti a magazzino e standard inox

Stock and Standard Stainless steel

Europressvit is committed to meet the requests of every type of modern client, whether it is a small distributor or a large manufacturing industry.
Europressvit's main objective in respect to the clients is to become a single point of reference for the supply of stainless steel screws, bolts and a wide range of fasteners integrating the internal production with a large, assorted and highly automated inventory, typical of large – scale distribution.
The stock includes nearly 15.000 UNI, DIN and ISO–compliant standard items readily available: screws, bolts, dies, washers, threaded rods, grub screws, rings, pins and a wide variey of fasteners made of stainless steel or any other material requested by the Client.
A historic selection of suppliers and partners enables Europressvit to guarantee product quality, high commercial flexibility, competitiveness and fast delivery, through dedicated planned supplies, for a truly unique and global service.

europressvit standard stainless steel screws and bolts warehouse